Integrating Fragmented Urban Blocks.









Hailun Center on Financial Street stands proudly at the crossroads of Hailun Road and Siping Road in Shanghai’s vibrant Hongkou District. This expansive business complex, strategically situated atop the interchange of Metro Line 4 and Line 10, has swiftly risen to prominence as a distinctive landmark.




| 迭代更新中的新建筑尺度 |

New Architectural Scale in Iterative Updates






The strategic transportation hub of Hailun Center on Financial Street offers unparalleled advantages. Situated in close proximity to People’s Square, the Bund, and the Lujiazui Financial District in Pudong, its exceptional connectivity ensures seamless access to key destinations. Positioned at the convergence of two subway lines, its inherent advantages in rail transportation elevate it to the status of an ideal transportation nexus.









Along with each individual building’s vigorous pursuit of its own uniqueness, there is a lack of sensitive resonance between buildings, leading to the loss of integrity in the urban center’s architectural ensemble. The Hailun Center in Financial Street reverts to the fundamental characteristics of high-rise buildings: efficient comfort and clear form. The sharply outlined exterior casts an impressive shadow, creating a new symbolic presence that allows the building to stand out amidst today’s complex urban backdrop.









The Hailun Center is based on urban permeability, seamlessly integrating sidewalks, public transportation access points, and surrounding community environments to maximize accessibility and connectivity on-site, creating a vibrant, interconnected urban environment.









Hailun Center has created an iconic individual image in Hongkou District. Introducing the concept of ‘monolithic collective architecture’ through unique and impressive architectural forms. Simultaneously, considering functional flexibility to better integrate the building into the surrounding urban life.




| 韵律动态的立面肌理 |

The Rhythmic And Dynamic Facade Texture






The overarching design concept of the façade is to integrate different volumes and functions through expressive and aesthetic façade treatments. The opaque panels of the tower and podium facades are presented in two contrasting colors, creating a visually shadowed effect regardless of sunlight exposure.









On the southern facade of the tower, a larger area of opaque panels will be installed, while on the northern side, the transparent panel area will be reduced. This ensures a balance of natural light necessary for the proper functioning of indoor activities.









To complement the rhythmic aesthetic of the building’s form, the entire facade is composed of a regular repetition of glass curtain walls, maximizing the use of transparent glass to achieve a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The building delineates order and balance, as well as concise and elegant composition, in its facade expression, fully embodying the uniqueness of a landmark building.









The entire design emphasizes verticality and its connection to the surrounding environment. In addition to its own architectural features, Hailun Center enhances the connectivity of the urban ensemble through vertical design elements on the site, creating both interlinked and relatively distinct zones, thus establishing a core sense of orientation.




| 简约大气又灵动的内部空间 |

Elegant And Dynamic Interior Space Design






In the 10-meter-high lobby, vibrant and stylish murals adorn the space, infusing the building with vitality and artistic flair. Marble and metal materials are employed in the elevators and various corridors, complemented by carefully crafted lighting design, to create an atmosphere of understated luxury and simplicity.







随着周边地块的经济发展与资金汇集,海伦中心已经逐步成为工作、休闲、娱乐、思想、物品与资本交流的活力区域 ,并为城市带来新的商业氛围。


With the economic development and capital accumulation in the surrounding area, Hailun Center has gradually evolved into a vibrant district for work, leisure, entertainment, intellectual exchange, and capital flow. It has injected a new commercial atmosphere into the city.