Architectural sculptures that cut the urban and the natural.








Alibaba South China Operation Center has a total construction area of 138,900 square meters, consisting of two buildings in the north and south and supporting facilities, with a total investment of 3.3 billion. Among them, the South Building has 37 floors and a height of 207 meters; the North Building has 10 floors and a height of 57.5 meters. The building showcases advances in sustainability, design, digitalisation and comfort.









The design combines the requirements of the urban planning guidelines in the area, and designs arcade spaces on the south and east sides of the podium of the tower in the south block. The overall podium is square and neat in plane, and is connected with the tower podium of the north plot through a cross-street corridor, which not only ensures the sharing of office auxiliary facilities, but also connects the podium roof gardens of the north and south plots through the roof of the corridor, forming a The overall green roof space.




| 以异型切角结构打破城市立面 |

Break the Urban Facade with the Special-Shaped Chamfered Structure






The building structure of the project is unique in shape, and a large number of special-shaped chamfered structures are used. Such a design aims to provide more dynamism to this prominent location in the city and to dialogue with the busy spaces within the site. A regular glass curtain wall cuboid has thus become distinctive and recognizable.









The design pursuit was to create a building that would contribute to the liveliness of the city. The building wanted to attract passers-by while providing first-class office space. And provide new value to the local skyline, while exploring new ways for buildings to interact with their surroundings.









As another exploration and practice of new office space, Alibaba South China Operation Center breaks the shackles of traditional high-rise building volume division and facade lines, integrates the city and nature, and integrates social life into the office experience.




| 以绿色中庭分割办公生活 |

Divide Office Life with Green Atrium






In the courtyard, the edges and corners of the triangular structure of the building and the green courtyard cut in the same shape complement each other, giving the space a unique spatial atmosphere and adding a touch of texture not often found in the workplace. The elevated courtyard space staggers the exterior and interior, connecting the building with the city skyline along the river bank. The design encourages circulation at the connecting layer, enjoys the natural air, grows healthily, and works together.









Alibaba South China Operations Center has designed a superior green mixed-use office building. This smart building for the new digital economy creates an attractive and productive area for work and relaxation with open innovation, green energy and diversity.




| 以高空折角点亮建筑 |

Light Up Architectural Spaces With Aerial Corners






The entire sky curtain is in good order. According to the design of different folded angles, the size, length and angle of each structural rod are different, so it presents a “triangle” with different charms, and combines abstract shapes to form a unique structure. rhythm.









Alibaba South China Operation Center is the carrier of Guangzhou’s urban culture, and it is also an explorer of future urban development and a pioneer in refined design of office building development.