Under the fusion of elements full of resistance to tension,


The secret world is open to the people again.










The mystery reappears.

Shielding the noise and staying away from the city is just a pure land in form. And being in the hustle of the city can also be peaceful. it is the real pure land on the spiritual level.









The aesthetic system should not be rigid and isolated. It should not copy ancient aesthetics or completely Western aesthetics. Instead, it should be based on contemporary thinking and the accumulation of Chinese culture to form a kind of “Chinese” in the bones. This is the true meaning of Chinese style. 





Entrance that resembles a Chinese folding fan






The place in the busy city is turned into a secret world, so that the people in it can relax spiritually and psychologically. It describes the oriental philosophy where prosperity and quiet coexist, aiming to balance the seemingly contradictory two. Being able to stay in the city will not be disturbed by the hustle and bustle of trivial matters, and will not violate the original intention of nature, and enjoy the quiet and elegant.





The bright beam of light guides the direction of search









The dark corridor reveals a sense of mystery, and the wooden walls give people a sense of warmth. The roof hides another reflected world, in a slightly unreal hazy sense, at the end is a bright beam of light, guiding the direction for explorers.









Absorbing the taste of oriental elegance, it hides the gentleness, elegance, exquisiteness and minimalism, and leads the oriental aesthetic elegance. The entire space is reduced from complexity to simplicity, abandoning cumbersomeness and dullness. Lights, stones, wood, flowers and other ordinary objects are presented in a quiet and mysterious mood with images that transcend nature.









Pine, table lamps, Chinese traditonal screens, and pattern elements, these elements in the traditional oriental context, when they are matched with each other using the mirror as a medium, visitors will get a sense of familiarity in the courtyard of a large house. And the strong modern flavor entrained in the materials is contradictory and fusion.









Vermilion means good luck. Pure vermilion with multiple reflections of mirrored screens, purple flannel sofas, and custom-designed floor tiles. Under the collision and fusion of multiple colors and materials, the spatial hierarchy appears rich and full of texture.









Emerald green means full of life. Freshness and vitality are the foundation of life, and emerald green represents health.









Golden represents wealth and orthodoxy. The color of the earth is also mysterious, and the earth is yellow. Since ancient times, there has been a saying in China that “yellow produces yin and yang”, and yellow is regarded as the master of colors.









Purple means auspicious and noble. In ancient times, there was the word “purple gas coming from the east”, which means auspiciousness and solemnity.





The warm light behind the pattern of begonia flowers









It extracts patterns and colors from Eastern aesthetics to create a calm sense of Eastern luxury. It has no time limit and no fashion constraints. It can be called modern, it can also be said to be the future or classic. Through the contradictory contrast and tension endowed by inheritance and creation, the story carried in the secret world is displayed.