Take care of the empty state of mind,


which gives birth to light,


good things as far as peace of mind.









Things that you can see are tangible, concrete, so it is limited.




Things that you can’t see are invisible, we can’t even touch them, seize them, but we can manifest through the form of physics.










In the shape aspect, people pay more attention to the essence and texture, cautiously measure controlled options. People hope to stay in life the things they love sincerely. In the invisible aspect, people are more sensitive to the input and output of the mind. Know how to clean up distracting thoughts appropriately. Avoid the squad, so that the mood is pure.




移景入室 景中之境 

Move the scene into the interior









Material is the tangible boundary. The core of material thinking is to divide the existence of substances in various boundaries. It is characterized in a perceived system to be a basic contour element. The essence of material thinking is the process of big data of outline elements and finding relative invariance from it. The cognition of material boundaries based on this kind of thinking still has relativity in essence.









The interface is a modern word that used to describe the connected boundary between two adjacent areas. The activities of the two areas are in contact with this shared boundary. Our sense organs provide an “interface” between the subjective world and the objective world when conducting qualitative research.









If it is divided into tangible and intangible, audible and silent, it can be said that the intangible is higher than the tangible, the sound is higher than the silent. Since ancient times, life has been a trick that exaggerates and invades the nerve perception of the living body. It is the natural vitality under the rhyme of nature. It is the perception of life consciousness and the concrete spirit in the process of life. 









To grasp the essence of “white”, one must not only look at the color point of view, but also understand the susceptibility. “White” can awaken people’s many subtle feelings. It should be a kind of aesthetic consciousness and a kind of thought.




Therefore, the blank metaphor is actually nothing, so that it can give more levels of understanding to some of the things presented in front of you.








All of us live in a state of fusion about objects or events. Our subjective world and the objective world are inextricably intertwined. Events that we consider to be individuals often become objective, and many so-called objective world results may be experiences. Our knowledge of reality is composed of our mind’s view of creation on the basis of sensory experience. It is a knowledge structure woven from the mind.




Knowledge is not given by the mind, and nothing will be poured into the mind. Instead, the mind produces concepts, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, etc., and treats them as assumptions about external reality.









Blank space is a wonderland in the cultivation of human feelings, a slow time in a fast-paced life, and a meditation in a long life. It is like an ink painting, although it lacks gorgeous colors, the moment between the blackboards makes it a higher level. 









White space is not an abstraction, but a space that embraces unlimited imagination. In the coexistence of virtual and reality, space tends to be blurred, containing endless fun and inexhaustible meaning, so that people in the scene can gradually perceive the interesting and wonderful in their minds.