A comfortable literary and artistic pure land.


Cradle of elegant and solemn positions.









A century-old house is quietly witnessing the dramatic urban changes in Shanghai along the Yan’an elevated highway and Nanjing West Road. This old building with Shanghai style and contemporary modern features attracts pedestrians to stop by. From the original misrepresentation as the “Italian General Assembly” to the “Old Building of the Federation of Literary and Art Circles” well known in Shanghai’s literary and art circles, we have solved its mystery through this conservation and repair project.




| 项目概况 |

Project Overview

▲ 项目区位图

Project Location Map






From 2018 to 2020, the building started the protection and renovation project. The scope of the project covers the renovation of the main building of the excellent historical building, the west annex of the main building, the renovation of the north building built in the 1990s, and the renovation of the outdoor environment.




Under the premise of not damaging the historical features of the building, the protection project has implanted modern equipment to improve safety and comfort, making the main building a suitable place for modern offices and meetings.




▲ 沿街立面

Facade along the Street






The West Building and North Building surrounding the main building were transformed from the “European style” in the 1990s to a more concise, transparent and recognizable facade, making it co-exist with historical buildings. The electromechanical and functional updates also meet the current needs of use.




| 延安高架边的花园住宅 |

Yan’an Elevated Garden House






The current historic building of the City Federation of Literary and Art Circles was originally a garden residence, which was built in the 1920s. The building adopts a mixed structure of brick and wood. The main building has three floors, gray-white painted stone exterior walls, and red machine flat tile roof. The south and east facades of the building are the main facades. The south facade adopts a symmetrical design with protruding sides. The middle part is an open corridor with Ionic columns. The column proportions are regular and simple, and the details are exquisitely decorated. The overall presentation of Italian art Featured in revival style, partly decorated with Baroque.









In this renovation, the key protected parts of the interior and characteristic decorations such as teak wall skirts, fireplaces, wooden frame glass door leaves, cement parquet floor and so on will be protected and repaired as a whole to restore its original decoration style.




Dismantle the internal structure and add partitions, restore the indoor space pattern, and completely restore the original atmospheric and elegant architectural space in the main building. 




| 建筑安全性与舒适度的提升 |

Improvement of Building Safety and Comfort






The plan of the main building is distinct, and the layout is basically symmetrical. The entrance to the east is provided with a porch, which connects the rooms on both sides of the north and the south through the inner corridor, and faces the original garden in the south as a loggia. The interior decoration is mainly made of wood, with rich and exquisite decoration, especially on the first floor.





Wooden Texture Decoration






In order to avoid the negative impact of equipment implantation on the indoor space, smoke detectors and air-conditioning cabinets have been added under the principle of concealment priority. The internal pipelines of the main building are laid in the ground ridge wall, floor wooden grille and wooden roof truss, which minimizes the impact on the important protection parts of the building.





Combination of Color Patterns and Details






The protection and renovation of Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles Projects is in the environment where history and the present coexist. The horizontal belt corridor of the North Building and its simple facade are compared with the Baroque style main building. The comparison under this juxtaposition makes the authenticity of the new and old elements more prominent. Through this project, Yard No. 238, Yan’an West Road will continue to create an elegant, solemn, modern function, and comfortable environment for artists.