A completely public work,


Is not confined to any era,


Not following the old rules, naturally revealing,


Isolated from all social and cultural influences,


Completely opposed to stereotypes.







The cliff hole like a foreign object in the sky is decorated with huge exclamation marks, leading people to explore the unknown world. And all the visual images of the prophets become the index of the grotesque space.









The dynamic amplification of the futuristic form and the decomposition represented by Cubism are the fluidity mechanisms of other ways of capturing, but even so, the fluidity is only correspondence to the stability of the initial form. In addition, the stability of the initial form is also reiterated due to its own deformation or misalignment.





 Upward growing and spreading life form








The sculptural view frame structure shows us another way to approach public works. The geometric form invites the audience to actively participate in the polyhedral nature of the work. Not only is it constructed to look ambiguous, but it also uses different shapes to produce different effects depending on the viewing angle.




Therefore, as people walked around, they witnessed continuous changes.









It is a work in “public creation”, and its methods are more mature and radical in any other way.



Although this work has been defined once and for all by the graphic symbols that compose it before our eyes, the movable structures and the changes of people or objects in the viewing frame are constantly changing the connotation of the space. Moreover, it requires the observer to move, that is, this is a work that requires the observer to be constantly aware of the changes in the surface roughness and color contrast of light.





Space as a series of continuous cutting and reorganization








“Open creation” works undoubtedly have the general characteristics of open works. Its form is manifested as epistemological metaphors in a wide range of theoretical consciousness, and fragments of culture or era hid in structural analysis. The impact it receives is based on the disturbance phenomenon that occurs in the time plane, which causes or passively causes the space gravity field to be distorted, and there may be an abnormal change in the space vector. This kind of mutation may bring about a fierce collision between creative hormones and nonsensical language, which is the liberation of aesthetics.









With magical splicing graphics and combinations to express the spatial rhythm, the scene thinking of the building block game tries to break the barriers of grade and class. This is the phenomenon that occurs when the same material layer or multiple material layers conflict in a single space plane through time plane disturbances.




In a certain special area, you don’t feel any difference between time and space, as if you are chasing in a time machine, and when you leave that area and return to the outside world, it’s been a long time before you know it.