Above the bustling city,


Enjoy the natural environment.









Qinfeng Yayuan is located in New Jiangwan City, Yangpu District, Shanghai. It is a knowledge-based and ecological garden-style international community dominated by mid-to-high-end residences. Through dialogues with the city, the environment, and human residence, the project carries the pursuit of quality of life with an open, sunny, and comfortable architectural space.




| 一片与都市对话的“自然绿洲” |

A “Natural Oasis” in Dialogue with the City






The design of the master plan is inspired by the magnolia, the city flower of Shanghai. The graceful and elegant natural beauty of the imitation magnolia creates a lush and picturesque environment for residents. The unit housing area of 350 square meters as the main body constitutes the veins of flowers and trees.









The orientation of each residential building is moderately reversed on the north-south axis, presenting an angular layout, thereby defining different visions and experiences. This design creates an interesting spatial pattern between the buildings, while maximizing the views of each unit.









Under the conditions of orientation, sunshine and view, the housing distribution adopts the form of a stacked multi-story, and each household has a private garden and a private elevator. Two large detached buildings are located at the southernmost end of the site, facing the shady green space of Andersen’s Fairy Tale Paradise, and connected to the belt-shaped central green space on the inside, with a beautiful, quiet and elegant environment.




| 生动的表皮伴随自然而然的园景艺术 |

Vivid Surface Accompanied by Natural Landscaping Art




住宅楼栋与楼栋之间扭转,有机的衔接使建筑的尺度变得亲切宜人,为漫步于小区环境中的居民提供探索,发现等独特的体验。立面材料考虑到人的尺度,利用楼板形成室外阳台,同时 使用通高的屏风为住家提供必要的隐私和足够的遮阳功能。


The organic connection between the residential buildings makes the scale of the buildings friendly and pleasant, and provides unique experiences such as exploration and discovery for residents walking in the community environment. The materials of the façade take into account the human scale, and the floor slabs are used to form outdoor balconies, while full-height screens are used to provide the necessary privacy and sufficient sunshade functions for the residence.









The landscape greening is arranged in layers, the central green belt, the concentrated green space on the south side, the private garden in front of the house, and the group-level landscape greening design cooperate with the distribution of the building monomers facing south. The belt-shaped greening is constructed with the east-west orientation as the main structure, emphasizing the concept of visual penetration and spatial continuity between the interior and exterior streets of the plot, and serves as a transitional area to guide the streamline of residents to the central landscape.


著名的比利时景观设计公司Wirtz International 在设计中,形状和植物一样重要。 树篱被修剪成弯曲的线圈,灌木被修剪成云一样的形状,人造的小山经过精心的修整为公园和花园增添了动感,效果既庄严又蕴含着一丝超现实的艺术感。


The famous Belgian landscape design firm Wirtz International considers shapes as important as plants in their designs. Hedges trimmed into curved coils, shrubs trimmed into cloud-like shapes, and man-made hills carefully manicured to add movement to parks and gardens, the effect is both majestic and surreal.









The meandering waterscape is like a natural stream, gurgling and endless, enhancing the agility and fun of the space. In the construction of the fountain pool, the creek paved with cobblestones meanders and extends to the distance, surrounded by lush trees. The leisure chairs under the forest provide an outdoor space for resting and enjoying the scenery.




| 以叠而不简为主题的配套商业区域 |

The Commercial Area with the Theme of Stacking but not Simplicity






Commercial areas are set up in a centralized manner, shaped as a medium-sized neighborhood life center. The interpenetration and combination of white walls, gray walls, and blue brick walls of different textures highlight the fusion of tradition and modernity, forming a highly oriented landmark building in the community. The turning white facade contrasts with the half-height wall that divides the entrance and courtyard. The rich landscape runs through the entire site, breaking the right-angle relationship between the building volumes in an organic form.









In the space design of Qinfeng Yayuan, Neri&Hu crafted light and shadow with ingenuity. The interior is decorated with white, light-colored wood and dark wood to enrich the visual layering, making life full of joy and surprise. The chiseled ceiling runs through every space in the room, creating geometric windows, outlining different shapes of the sky, and spreading rich layers of light and shadow on the walls.









Ecological and quiet living environment, exquisite and convenient living facilities, living among nature. The project separates the noisy area, keeps a proper distance from the bustling, seamlessly connects with the park wetland, and interprets the taste and elegance of life.