▲ 明洞-韩国最具代表的商业区

Myeongdong – the most representative business district in Korea






adidas First Flagship Store in Asia



作为韩国最具本地特点的商业区之一,明洞以巨大的人流量及丰富的商业活动闻名,是韩国旅行必去地点之一。adidas在更新“Home of Sport”品牌门店概念后,首家亚洲旗舰店便选址于此。


As one of the most iconic local business districts in South Korea, Myeongdong is famous for its huge flow of people and rich commercial activities. It is one of the most popular touring spots when traveling in Korea. After adidas updated the “Home of Sport” brand store concept, the first Asian flagship store was decided to be located here.




▲ 融于街区的adidas

adidas integrating into the street




作为唯一参与设计亚洲旗舰级别门店的中国设计事务所,万社设计与adidas通力合作,提炼韩国在地元素与adidas品牌个性巧妙融合,创造与当下本地客群产生更多连结与共鸣的“Home of Sports”。


As the only Chinese design studio involved in the design of Asian flagship stores, Various Associates and adidas have worked together to extract Korean local elements and adidas brand personality ingeniously. The project creates a “Home of Sports” that has more connections and resonance with the current local customer base.









The store is integrated into the bustling streets of Myeongdong. Its open interface accommodates the rich and diverse types of business and crowd activities in the local area.




▲ 融于街区的adidas

adidas integrating into the street




▲ 友好、和谐的品牌精神

Friendly and harmonious brand spirit







Integrate Into The Site And Awaken Its Spirit



跨国合作又逢特殊时期,在有限的时间里,万社团队面临了诸多挑战:如何在转译品牌门店“Home of Sport”理念的同时,结合韩国本土文化要素?怎样满足超大货量及丰富组合的展示需求?理解遵循品牌自身的天花及庞大的货架系统逻辑,同时做控制好局部细节的设计及升级等等。这其中首要解决的就是品牌理念的空间化、在地化诠释。


The cross-border cooperation is in a special period. In the limited time, the Various Associates faced many challenges: how to translate the concept of “Home of Sport” of the brand store and combine the elements of Korean local culture? How to meet the display needs of super-large volumes and different product combinations? In addition, the design team needs to understand and follow the logic of the brand’s own ceiling and shelf system, and at the same time control the design and upgrade details. However, the most important thing to solve is the spatial and localized interpretation of the brand concept.




▲ 新的外立面

New facade






The new design elements continue the block outline of traditional Korean architecture while establishing a link with the facade of the original building. The bright and clean hierarchical relationship and the dynamic lighting changes become a pure and dazzling scenery on the street, while blending into the lively streets of Myeongdong.




▲ 从传统建筑中炼化后的语言

The language refined from traditional architecture




门店立面以抽象体块结合条形金属表皮,演绎了adidas自身经典的logo 元素 。这一元素也化为空间的母题之一,从立面延续至室内。


The facade of the store uses abstract blocks combined with strip-shaped metal skins to deduce the classic logo elements of adidas itself. This element has also become one of the motifs of the space, continuing from the facade to the interior.




▲ 延续进来的条形语言

Continuation of bar language






The axisymmetric relationship at the entrance and the airy feeling of the upward “patio” come from the layered sense of the oriental courtyard. The design of the sportswear series custom shoe wall on the side, on the basis of the conventional group, brings a new visual effect with innovative expression and material evolution by extracting the vertical bar form of the logo element.




▲ 金属圆管堆砌而成的玄关台

Display table made of metal round pipes






The matte metal surface is matched with a certain inclination of the overall arrangement, which reflects the color of the billboards in the external window. Observed from different angles, the blurred color blocks also give the clean display surface a rich and naughty sense of color-tone, forming a subtle link with the exterior space.




▲ 不同角度旋转的鞋墙

Shoe walls that rotate at different angles






Continuing the Classics and Reshaping the Inspiration



On the basis of the brand’s powerful and mature ceiling system, the design team added more changes in details and material presentation.




The newly added triangular support structure on the ceiling track draws inspiration from the sports stadium, adding a sense of breathability and structure to the brand’s original system ceiling. Different ceiling design methods create an upper boundary and virtually divide different areas for the open product display shelves on the ground floor.




▲ 相同的灯具表现于不同的天花结构上

The same luminaire appears on different ceiling structures




G层的陈列将在韩国市场最受欢迎的系列置于前场,包含跑步,健身,休闲运动等基础系列,可以让客人快速的根据自身的运动习惯来进行选品。同时,与品牌零售运营团队参与共同创作的City Shop及Seoul Lab区域,也是城市旗舰店的专属特色服务,在这里就可以买到专属于首尔的城市限定款,还可以diy属于自己的定制款衣服。


The display on the ground floor puts the most popular series in the Korean market at the front, including running, fitness, leisure sports and other basic series, allowing customers to quickly select products according to their own exercise habits. At the same time, the City Shop and Seoul Lab areas, which were co-created with the brand retail operation team, are also exclusive services of the city flagship store. Here, you can buy city-limited items exclusive to Seoul, and you can also DIY your own customized clothes.




city shop


Seoul lab











made for you




G层试衣间与Stella McCartney联名系列区相邻,为挑选运动内衣的顾客提供了较好的私密性。内部蓝色与红色的搭配呈现出记忆中体育馆内部的试衣间的感觉。公共饮水器的置入也贯彻了品牌对于环保可持续的人文关怀。


The fitting room on the ground floor is next to the Stella McCartney joint series area, providing better privacy for customers who choose sports underwear. The combination of blue and red inside presents the feeling of the fitting room inside the sports stadium in memory. The placement of public drinking fountains also implements the brand’s humanistic care for environmental protection and sustainability.




fitting room

▲ 带有记忆符号的试衣间

The fitting room with memory symbols






The induction screen system on the facade can meet the needs of customers for interaction and product guidance. In addition, a huge interactive screen is hidden on the ground under the stairs at the entrance. When the customer step on the ground of the interactive screen, the pattern will change accordingly. It shows as an abstract image at a close distance, but it looks like a clear video on the second floor.







入口正对面居中而设的楼梯能快速将客流拉往二层之余,也自然地为G层圈定出环形动线,带来层次更加丰富的顾客旅程。设计团队选择了开放阶梯的设计手法,消解了楼梯的厚重感,通透的设计透射出背后若影若现的画面,使其成为了G 层的核心视觉区域。


The central staircase directly opposite the entrance can not only quickly pull the crowd flow to the second floor, but also naturally delineate a circular moving line for the ground floor, bringing a richer customer journey. The design team chose the design method of open stairs to dispel the heavy feeling of the stairs. The transparent design makes the picture behind the stairs faintly visible and makes the stairs the core visual area of the ground floor.





▲ 楼梯中空区域为核心展示空间

The atrium area is the core display space






The block relationship in the atrium area continues the oblique angle language on the facade structure, forming an intertextuality between internal and external elements. The luminous lines come from the brand image language of adidas – the reshaped basketball court ground lines, combined with materials to present an abstract and pure sense, providing bright and upward dynamics for the entire atrium area.




▲ 与外立面相同的结构手法

Same structural approach as the façade




在中庭区域顺着视线往上走,即能看到显眼的adidas Originals 标志以蓝色金属质感的切割体块呈现,指引着属于此系列的位置。


Looking over the atrium area, you can find the conspicuous adidas Originals logo presented in a blue metallic cut block, guiding the location of this series.




▲ 位于上层的originals logo

originals logo on top







The Collision between Sports Arena and Oriental Elements





The colorful banners hanging in the atrium area come from the sports arena, paying tribute to adidas’ tradition of providing professional equipment and care for various sports.







二层的blue space作为Originals系列的核心展示区域,既陈列了此系列的经典产品,也包含可灵活更替的pop-up特色产品展示区域。大面的经典色强化了空间的层次感,图形的立体表现也是空间中重要的元素及设计手法。设计团队从当地文化元素出发,基于传统纹样的图案以各种形式点缀于场地内。如带有东方意蕴的镂空屏风、富有光影意趣的纹样艺术玻璃展台等。


As the core display area of the Originals series, the blue space on the second floor not only displays the classic products of this series, but also includes a flexible pop-up display area for special products. The classic color of the large surface strengthens the layering of the space, and the three-dimensional performance of the graphics is also an important element and design technique in the space. Starting from the local cultural elements, the design team embellishes the site in various forms with patterns based on traditional patterns, such as hollow screens with oriental implications, patterned art glass booths full of light and shadow, etc.




blue space

▲ 带有东方意蕴的各种元素

Various elements with the oriental metaphor






The three-dimensional pattern is used on the hollow screen to add an oriental charm to the space. At the same time, it can also satisfy better visual accessibility and create a vague sense of boundary for each area. On the other side, under the light of the exhibition board, the shadow is projected into the products, which unconsciously becomes an interesting blend.




▲ 花纹透过光的照射下的投影

The projection of the patterns through the light






The pattern of the shoe-testing bench in the space is derived from the traditional Korean pattern combined with the artist’s re-creation, presented with a metallic texture, completing the intersection of tradition and modernity. The logo on the pillar is inspired by the street signs of old-fashioned movie theaters, which can be flexibly replaced according to different theme scenes, and also pays tribute to the street spirit of the Originals series.




▲ 可灵活变动的标识指引

Flexible labeling guidelines






Originals itself is an extremely classic and representative series of adidas. The rich and professional shoe display area is its focus. The use of metal grids can effectively introduce natural light, and the interior is not affected by the abundant signboards outside or too much light at night, and the display racks can be replaced flexibly.




Originals – FTW

▲ 长达十三米的鞋墙旁是沙发等候区

Next to the 13-meter-long shoe wall is the sofa waiting area




▲ 定制图案的细节

Custom Pattern Details



Originals – men

original fitting room




作为亚洲旗舰店,这里也是韩国唯一一家可以买到adidas全系列的商店,包括Originals,Y-3,Sport Performance 等。除此之外,你也可以在此楼层找到户外,足球,篮球及儿童等系列的专属区域。


As the flagship store in Asia, it is also the only store in Korea where you can buy a full range of adidas, including Originals, Y-3, Sport Performance, etc. In addition, you can also find exclusive areas for outdoor, football, basketball and children’s series on this floor.










The flipped billboard design is located behind the service desk. The regular flipping adds a lot of movement here, filling the monotony of customers queuing up to pay the bill.




▲ 服务台

checkout counter









作为一个世界知名的运动品牌巨头,这家adidas亚洲旗舰店传达了“Home of Sport”源于体育、根植文化、包容多元的价值理念。设计上对品牌文化和在地文化的尊重及关注,有尺度的延续了adidas的dna,满足了品牌方、运营方等多方的实际需求,完成了自身的示范作用。除此之外,在严峻疫情下如期诞生的这个项目,以一个崭新亮丽的面貌站立在了明洞的街头,快速及成功的完成了线下购物复苏的使命,如adidas所说的:IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING IS OUR RALLYING CRY .


As a world-renowned sports brand giant, the Myeongdong adidas Asian flagship store conveys the value concept of “Home of Sport” originating from sports, rooted in culture, and tolerant of diversity. The design respects and pays attention to brand culture and local culture, and continues the DNA of adidas in a scaled manner, meets the actual needs of the brand, operators and other parties, and completes its own demonstration role. In addition, this project, which was born as scheduled under the severe epidemic situation, stood on the streets of Myeongdong with a new and bright appearance, quickly and successfully completing the mission of offline shopping recovery. As adidas said: IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING IS OUR RALLYING CRY.