Countless life intentions are dismantled and reconstructed here,


It becomes a part that has both spatial function and aesthetic feeling.









In this space where technology and beauty coexist, everyone can freely choose the basic models in life.









When people’s lifestyles change, the appeal for “everyday innovation” becomes stronger, and consequently, the content of the space itself will also change. There is a more urgent and intuitive demand for offline expression of public attributes and attention to spiritual attributes. All spaces are based on human behavior.









Facing the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and spiritual demands, the problem of space upgrading is brought about. Banana in is more like a keen observer, always observing and imitating society and people’s life from the perspective of being separated from the product itself, and in this process, constantly sorting out and changing its thinking, accelerating this process.









The cool industrial style with metallic luster and the red volcanic stone wall enhance the unique recognition of the space itself and the perception of people entering it. It is essentially an emotional sustenance, hoping that the cold physical space body can really connect with people’s spirit and emotion.









Accompanied by exquisite installations, the space is more varied and mutually supportive. The geometry and the spatial hierarchy are superimposed. Function areas are connected naturally and the division of public and private areas corresponds with the product functions. Open and flexible design is perfectly combined with the brand tonality.









The relationship between people and space, the size and proportion of space itself, etc., are scientific issues related to data. As for the spiritual and emotional dimensions, how the space has a “qualitative” relationship with people’s real life is a more perceptual issue. The two cannot be discussed with a clear barrier, but more like a relationship involving each other.









Walking through the space, feeling the natural tension of the material, people can see the cutting-edge products belonging to the brand, either hanging in a row, or displayed in an orderly manner by leaning on the installation. The space structure is combined with the installation, and the material is used to distinguish and express the function area, so as to realize the integration of movement and stillness.









Through an experimental perspective of construction, the space presents the concept itself based on the application and site structure of an orderly and dynamic industrial style, which resonates subtly and harmoniously with the overall layout, blurring the boundaries between architecture, installation and art.









How to express the humanistic spirit contained in the space? This is not a proposition that needs to be solved and demonstrated, but the actual experience that needs to be discussed. We must walk into the space, keep the core clues outside the conventional framework, and open up a new world. The space should be warm and caring for everyone in it.