In this extremely inclusive anti-gravity space,


Embark on a journey about your inner calling.









The light shines through the huge upside-down valley, and the sacred hall is far and near, as if floating in a dream, pure and romantic, arousing the reflection of free will.









The suspended boulder seems to be falling slowly from the dim light of the sky, like a cocoon carrying human seeds, where women open their eyes to the world for the first time. The obscurity produced by blurring is often powerless to cover, but exposes the key elements that were originally hidden. Staring behind the abyss makes one more aware of the reasons behind it.









White alien-shaped structures that have lost gravity fill the entire space, symbolizing the birthplace of human beings. The birth of wisdom and flowing impressions do not exist in static time and space, but the complex superposition of perceptual flow and consciousness, and finally become a coherent wormhole for various experiences. Time and space cannot be retrieved, and the scenery on the way cannot be reproduced.







在这个过去曾与女性角色紧密联系的空间中,女性既是观者,又是见者。 再一次的审慎女性自我意识觉醒和追寻自由意志的心路,在不被回避的既冲突又包容的空间语言中,表达女性意识多样的美学张力。


In a space that used to be closely associated with female characters, women are both observers and witnesses. The awakening of prudent female self-awareness and the pursuit of free will once again express the diverse aesthetic tension of female consciousness in a space language that is both conflicting and inclusive that cannot be avoided.









With the help of the high space, the upside-down geometric shapes are more impactful. The ground of the space is pure, clean and inclusive. The layers of steps and the mirror inversion of conventional landscape objects together stimulate the aesthetic tension. The elongated peak also has the physical and chemical representations of human sensory organs such as ears, eyes, and mouth. In the sensory experience again and again, comprehend the true meaning of nature and infinity.









The entire space is highly aesthetic, and the interaction with the viewer seems to break through the barriers of art, nature, humanity and divinity. Every picture is rooted in the deep collective memory of human beings, surpassing the inherent narrative logic and becoming the intuitive feedback of people on the space. Examining the world dialectically seems to be a game, but it is actually a symbiosis of cooperation.








The narrative of the space simulates the important nodes in the life of the participants, arriving ignorantly and passing away rationally, from the visible distance to the invisible distance. Women encounter the wonders around them on the way of life and love, no longer stick to rigid cognition, bravely pursue all unknowns, and new narratives unfold one after another.









Standing in front of the sacred arch, which symbolizes the lofty spirit in the universe, also means returning to the original heart. This is a space that pays tribute to women, a spiritual landmark of women in the city. Facing the holy light that connects to the sky, there remains a majestic but gentle, quiet and calm female power.









The entire space shuttles between unknown gravity and mysterious magnetic field, opening up the boundless imagination leading to the grand universe. Talk to yourself under the temple, reflect on the past, and experience a looming symbiotic relationship between history and the present. The ambiguous and multiple intentions of the space create an art field that contains rich spiritual experience.