The intervention of original ecological design is poetic,


Also convey the beauty of the structure.









With a low-impact design approach, the new building blends seamlessly with the existing vegetation and protected specimen trees in the area. People can look at the blue and vast Haitang Bay through the coconut grove. A new place is “grown” in the site surrounded by vegetation, making the original vegetation landscape the most important soul embraced in the new space.









For the new beach club, the design hopes to use creative strategies to completely awaken this once-deep and secluded outdoor area, improve the activity and interaction of the place, introduce young life and social ways, and make it a fashion landmark of the entire Haitang Bay. The updated beach club is like a strong link, closely linking different surrounding activities, forming a dynamic gathering place full of laughter.









The continuous bamboo structure is composed of five tree shades with different heights and independent shapes. The organic and natural curved outline can perfectly blend into the lush natural environment. The original coconut grove and newly added structures are scattered around the sunken deck, and the new structures landed in the form of tree trunks, which are naturally and harmoniously combined with the original preserved vegetation. The large “shade tree” with natural arcs can provide sufficient protection for club guests in different weathers, and the natural hollowing at the connection of the shade tree also makes the surrounding greenery inadvertently come into view.









The unique design of the sunken bar and sunken booths in the pavilion allows customers who relax in the swimming pool to enjoy the unique experience of “drinking in the water”. The cool sea breeze is wrapped in lighting, music, and fine wine, which gathers into a warm and unrestrained charm atmosphere, and invites all in-house guests and out-of-store guests to join in.









The carefully selected weaving density allows sunlight to shine through during the day, and when the lights are on at night, the built-in steel structure that unfolds like leaf patterns is also displayed in front of guests. Looking up, it is like being under a huge banana leaf, which is full of poetry and conveys the beauty of the structure.









After the sun sets by the sea, the lively nightlife at the beach clubs is just beginning. The light diffused upwards from the “trunk” reflects the lively space, and the shape of the tree-shaded pavilion can wrap the light and isolate it from other areas of the hotel, so as not to have too much impact on the quiet night scene by the sea.









The entire “shade” new structure adopts everyone’s impression of a tropical city-bamboo weaving technology. The designer hopes to use materials with the imprint of the island, because they are born in the local area and taken from nature, and the outdoor structures just need to adapt to the changes of nature the most. The shade structure can screen and wash the scorching hot sun into gentle golden whispers, sprinkled on the textured ground paved with stone mixed with fine gravel, giving people a comfortable and comfortable experience of walking in the shade.